Monday, 21 February 2011

Of Solos and What Not to Do

So Saturday saw me making my debut solo appearance, albeit under my real name rather than this one, and announced by a compère who sounded as though she'd just found a large turd in her costume bag. Enthusiasm, folks, it ain't just for Turkish dancers!

All in all it went surprisingly well! I hadn't realised how much improv technique i've imbibed over the past two years; there were several sections where I just dumped the choreo and went for something that felt better. I didn't stand on the veil (much), and despite the photo I did not whip it around at warp speed. My head band fell off during the last chorus, and had to be elegantly tossed off stage, and my necklace fell off while I was bowing, but considering some of the costume malfunctions I've had in the past, (stockings falling down, belt falling down, knickers falling down... gravity is not my friend) this was no big deal. And I remembered to smile occasionally- my troupe mates were in the corner, and they had threatened to do the 'hip hop gorilla move' if I didn't keep looking up and out at the audience.

Which reminds me. When did teachers stop telling their students to smile and make eye contact? I was in a troupe Turkish piece as well, and my teacher's last words as we went on stage were 'tits and teeth!'. As you can see, we did at least try to take her advice!
Cheesy, perhaps, but a good reminder, especially for those who default to a look of fierce concentration when dancing. I've seen some lovely soloists perform recently, but what really stood out about their performances was the way they stared fixedly at the floor with a look of utter misery on their faces while the rest of their body performed. Is that really the lasting impression you want to give your audience?


  1. I LOVE that first pic...wicked! Glad it went well, I am all for dumping the choreo and doing what feels right!

  2. The lot of you look VERY attractive. There's a beauty in belly dancing that is mesmerizing, yet it can't be explained.

  3. Aiwa sistah! :P That was, 1. for the beautiful costume, and 2. for the not smiling thing. That really does only work in Tribal and Tribal Fusion. And even then there's an art to not smiling. I think Turkish dancers look so much more beautiful when they're lifted and grinning.

    I'm definitely using that tits and teeth thing with my beginners next week. :P