Tuesday, 28 June 2011

20s costume, AKA the Teabag Special

You'll have to take my word for it regarding the staying power of Lady Grey teabags, and the blindingly white colour of the original. Suffice it to say that the teabag dye worked beautifully, and I'm now well launched on shaping the bra.

I'm experimenting with a new technique for the sides- leaving the original stretchy straps on, and basting the satin over them so they can still stretch to fit. I'm half a stone into my latest attempt to lose weight, so I want a costume that can accommodate a Lilith of varying sizes.

Decoration on this costume is going to be simple- I have enough half finished beading projects already! I have about ten pearl necklaces to use as drapes and swags on the belt and bra. If you squint at the photo you can see one of the pearl flowers I'm using as focal points. They're actually taken off stretchy bracelets, and I'll be using the loose pearls from the bracelets to edge the bra and provide some textural variation to all that smooth satin.

I'm getting quite excited about this one!


  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. That's a nice gather in the middle. I always struggle with those.

  3. Aw, thanks ladies!

    Naima- my gathers are a bit hit and miss. Fortunately this fabric was very cooperative