Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ooops take 2

It appears I haven't actually posted anything on here since October last year. And even then it was to apologicse for not posting much.

Bad, bad belly dancer.

Sooo, what's been happening in the world of Lilith?

Well, I got my solo fusion piece polished and ready for November, and even finished the costume in time, though I was still sewing on bead strands an hour before I was due on stage.

I was very happy with the costume, less so with the performance. I was under-rehearsed and it showed. I also realised thatI want to move towards more traditional Oriental and folklore in my solo work. I love fusion, but I feel to be a good fusion dancer I need to first be a better Cab dancer. And as I also love sparkles and Arabic music, this is not a hardship for me. I'm now having thoughts about something slightly shaabi, maybe Ahmed ya Omar (which also has the bonus of being nice and short!

Over Christmas I got to hang out with Black Sheep Tribal dancers, and even had a little go at the real thing at one of the Christmas haflas. My teacher Dawn is now qualified as a Black Sheep teacher, and I'm hoping she will start some classes this year, as I am itching to get back into the tribal stuff. I love the idea of dancing on both sides - ATS used to give me such aches and pains in my left hip!

How are you all out in the blogosphere? Is 2013 treating you kindly so far?

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