Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Not Dead, Just Lazy

Very little to report in the land of Lilith at the moment. 

I managed to sprain my ankle just prior to a weekend intensive with Kajira Djoumanha (and by just prior I mean as I was getting into the car that morning). Not unnaturally, this put a bit of a kink in my dancing activities for a while. It's difficult to write a good blog about sitting at the back watching everyone else have fun!

I was hoping to get back into tribal classes in Walsall this autumn, but the start of classes coincided with a bit of a dip in my mental health, and I decided that getting home at 11pm on a work night could best be described as a bad idea.

By the time my spoons were back in order most teachers were well launched into the term, so it looks like it will be early November before I am back in a regular class.

I'd like to say I have used the time to do extra practice and drills but this would be what is commonly known as a lie. 

Getting back to class is going to hurt!

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