Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Costume Evolution Part 2

Now we're post Gothla I can actually show pictures of the finished costume without getting my knuckles rapped by C!

Yes, yes, it's wonky. But so are my boobs.
 So, finished top first. This was an amalgamam of a crocheted tankini top and two cheap vests, the brown layer being added when the dress rehearsal showed up a worrying tendency for my boobs to try and make a break for it out of the bottom of the original top. All hand embellished and beaded with bits of the bling from the last post. 

C, who likes her costuming effortless, bought a top off eBay and cut the hem off. Smart girl.

Next step? Hair. This was a little more complicated than originally thought, as I shaved mine off back in June for Macmillan, and am still rather follicularly challenged. I bought a a cheap wig, cut it, styled it, plaited it, put a headband on it, covered it in bling and generally spent about 6 hours working on it.

The face of a woman who's just been hit in the face by a cowry fall.
The day before Gothla we decided it didn't go with the rest of the costume and I was sticking with my buzz cut. Humph! Still, it made a nice contrast to C's epic dreadlocks, and at least one of us escaped the misery of brushing out half a can of hairspray the morning after the night before.

You can see the finished costumes (and the new haircut) below. We always aim for a cohesive look, but not neccessarily a matchy matchy one, especially as we have different body types and colouring.

The post-apocalyptic wasteland that is my back garden

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