Monday, 2 April 2012

Blue velvet baladi dress

Blue velvet baladi dress by Lilith Noor

It lives! It is still sadly lacking in fringe, needs the shoulderstraps pinning to the dress, and some serious boob jiggles, but it's finally wearable! Now I need to decide what colour veil I want to go with it. Can't decide whether to go matchy matchy with a turquoise one, or off the wall with lime green, pink or red! All I know is I want a solid colour veil, as the swirly ones will detract from my handiwork.

Also please note brand new hair cut and colour, which is by no means set off to advantage by the 'three hours on a bus trying to get home' expression.

Incidentally I am not naturally shaped like a carrot (more like the Very Hungry Caterpillar post 6th day gorge) I do not pose to advantage when tired, especially when the photographer is audibly groaning at my demands of one more shot (ideally this time without the dog, the bucket of car wash kit or the half eaten rawhide chew)


  1. Hun you look seriously sexy! Beautiful dress!
    And the hair cut really really suits you!

  2. Very nice! The whole thing has come together really well.