Sunday, 23 November 2014

Time for a Revamp?

I appear to be averaging about 3 months between posts on here, which is not great. 

I think part of the problem (aside from inherent laziness) is that I don't necessarily have that much to say on belly dance sometimes. I'm not a professional, nor ever likely to be one. Now I'm earning more, I'm able to buy in some of my stuff rather than relying on making everything from scratch. Conversely, I'm a lot shorter of the time needed to make costumes, and what time I do have needs to be spread out across all my interests, not just the sparkly ones.

When I first set this blog up it was with the intention of sharing dance updates, but also recipes that caught my eye, other craft projects, the odd book review. I think I need to return to that format and reignite my interest in blogging!

I'm not abandoning dance-based posts entirely though - below is a shot of my latest project, a purple velvet mermaid skirt for a performance with my teacher's troupe. 
The initial brief was for a straight sided tube skirt, but to say that is an unflattering look on me would be missing the chance to use expressions like 'sack of potatoes' 'waistless wonder' and 'when is it due?'

I used two way stretch velvet from  the Rag Market in Brum, and instructions from Dutch dancer Kyria (link goes to pdf), adjusting the pattern on the hop to add a front split, and doubling the godet in the back for extra flounce.

Like an idiot, I made the skirt a good six inches too short, and had to add on a band at the top. This turned out to be a really good idea (albeit unplanned) as the old waistline now sits mid-bottom, and gives me the illusion of an actual derriere. Win all round really.

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