Thursday, 18 December 2014

Solo dancing and Oreo Cheesecake

My current teacher amalgamates her classes for one big party at the end of term, and we all alternate between eating copious quantities of food and wine, and dancing old favourites or trying out solos.

I had nothing lined up, but didn't need much arm-twisting to perform anyway. Egyptian Ella is one of my favourite solo pieces, and whilst I couldn't remember more than about a third of the choreography, improv no longer fazes me

As a reward, I skipped dinner and filled up on cake instead, and did so with great gusto.

I may be a bit sick of cake now. This did not stop me squirrelling the remains of the Oreo cheesecake I made at the back of the fridge so my husband couldn't find it.

You can probably tell by the lighting and the clean kitchen that I did not make this cheesecake!
This cake's deliciousness is equalled only by its simplicity (and its calorie count, which I prefer not to think about). It's only got 5 ingredients!

4 packets of oreos
50g butter
1 pot double cream
2 packs cream cheese
50g caster sugar

10 inch springform cake tin (recipe is pretty flexible so feel free to experiment with other receptacles)

Whiz two packets of oreos into crumbs. Use a food processor as bashing them with a rolling pin stops being therapeutic well before they're crushed properly.
Melt the butter and mix into the crumbs.
Press resulting gravel into base of tin. At this point you can bake it for ten minutes to make it crunchier but it will be delicious either way. if you do bake it, let it go cool before filling.
Whip the cream until it reaches stiff peaks, then mix in the cream cheese and sugar.
Whiz the third packet of oreos until broken but not total crumbs.
Stir them into the cream cheese mix and dollop it all into the cake tin.
Whiz half of the last packet of oreos into crumbs and sprinkle on top.
Put in the fridge to chill while you eat the remaining oreos and scrape out the bowl.
I did make this one. I expect you can tell


  1. I wonder if you could use other biscuits? Maybe ginger nuts? I really am not a fan of oreos...

  2. oooooh, gingernut cheesecake sounds like a cracking combination. Let me know if you try it!